I buy 3600 binance (cryptocurrency exchange) accounts on telegram for 5k $ from the guy who hacked Binance check more on google "Binance data Breach" here I had some

plans but I ran into problems right away i tried to log on a few acc and get two-factor Authentication i have no experience or

motivation to bypass it so after 9 attempts, I finally logged into 2 accounts in a row who do not have two-factor Authentication on

login but here they come new problems when i try to "withdraw" guess? again two-factor Authentication I'm not going to fqck

with this I set this up for sale if there are more buyers it will be $ 100* if there is one buyer who offers more before I start selling it

to all users he can only buy for himself *i will not share with other users and also i tried to enter only 11 accounts of 3600

i'm not trying to make money on this just return my 5k invested

Contact me: [Только зарегистрированные могут видеть это. ]

here is one account I logged in to

here is second one with fcqing more than 700$ but get fcking two-factor Authentication when try withdraw.

and here is database with E-mails, *Phone Numbers, *Names/Surnames, *Passwords